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Event Results

"Would you please convey my thanks to the organizing committee for a fabulous Interclub this year! The camaraderie was, as always fabulous at all the venues and the competition fierce! I know the work that goes into organizing this event and want you to know that it is appreciated." Mike Homer 

The 2014 Interclub Cruise is in the record books and what a marvelous 5 day event event it was. With 54 boats entered, that meant almost 350 crew enjoyed the on the water event with another 150 support people joining in for the land side festivities. The weather cooperated with varying conditions from light air the first day to a 16-35 knot blow on the day four as we raced from Port Colborne to Point Abino, a condition that showcased every type of boat. And I’m happy to say, this was all done safely. All the venues this year provided top notch entertainment and dining geared to all. Speaking of next year, our planning begins in earnest in December and we would be most interested in your suggestions to improve this marvelous event. And year round, please continue to support our generous sponsors.

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Interclub Stories of the Current and Past

arrowInterclub Cruise Story of 2014 (PDF)

arrowInterclub Cruise Stories of the past (PDF)